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Traditional shoes kurdish

Kurdish gyve, which is called Kelash in the local language. This garment is needle woven and its sole is handmade and made of 100% cotton fabric and leather. The traditional color of this garment is white and its lining fabric is blue and red. But Bastan Giveh company produces this product in different colors.

Traditional Shoes Ajideh

Ajideh guve literally means cotton. And Ajide’s sole is a sole made of layers of leather that are woven and sewn together with cotton thread. The top of this garment is also knitted with 100% cotton thread. All the materials used in this product are natural and the production process is completely manual without the intervention of machines.

Traditional Shoes with Leather Soles

Heeled leather sole sole with normal upper and groove texture, which is known as prison texture sole among the public. This garment is very stylish and classic and formal. The top of this shoe is woven with industrial silk thread and the sole is made of buffalo leather.

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